P.O.D.  (Performance on Demand)


Welcome to the next dimension in physical fitness, POD Training!


Advantage Fit Club is excited to offer a new concept in training that puts the fun back into fitness. No matter what your fitness goals – losing weight, increasing strength, improving stamina, etc. – POD training can help.


It’s easy. It’s fun. And, it’s changing the way you look at fitness. Here’s how it works:


  1. Create your POD – gather a small group (3– 8 people) your friends or colleagues that share your passion for fitness and fun.
  2. Determine the "FIT" – your POD will decide the Frequency of your sessions, control the Intensity of your workouts, and pick the Time that's right for the POD.
  3. Great workout, small group, and reduced rate!
  4. Get scheduled, get moving – that’s all there is to it.


Talk to a trainer today about how you can get a new BOD by POD!



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